This is a criminology question on feminist theory and Developmental life course criminology

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Should be total minimum 800 words (read below)

Use own words!

This assignment requires to listen to a PowerPoint voice note and some PDF reading that will help you answer the questions. The word document that i will upload contain the questions and the links to the PowerPoint video note. I will also upload the PDF readings below.

Lectures Questions

  • Give a brief overview of feminist theory. Not less than 300 words
  • Find a crime that you think feminist theory does a good job explaining, include a link to a newspaper article or an online media article describing the crime. In minimum 100 words state why you think feminist theory does a good job in explaining this crime.
  • Find a newspaper article or an online media article that you think feminist theory does not do a good job explaining. Include a link to that article and your response and explain why you don’t think feminist theory does a good job explaining that crime. Citing both the PowerPoint and the readings. (100 words minimum)
  • Give 300 words overview of developmental and life course criminology

This is the link to the PowerPoint on Developmental/LifeCourseCriminology CJ305PowerPointDevelopmentalAndLifeCourseCriminologySummer2019

This is the PowerPoint link below on Feminist Theory

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