Thoughtful response and lipogram

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Each thoughtful response around 200 words.

  • Analyze your room / apartment / home as if it were a text. What does the observable evidence say about those who inhabit the space in terms of their preferences, movements, and habits?
  • Analyze the advertisements in a men’s or women’s fashion / lifestyle magazine. What does the construction and / or diction of these ads say about the advertisers and how they view their target audiences?
  • Choose a work of art that does not contain verbal or written elements. Analyze it as a text. What is physically there? Why did the artist make that choice? What does it do to the viewer / listener / audience?

LIPOGRAM: Alipogramis a poem in which one letter is omitted. Write a poem of at least nine lines without the letter “E.”

Yourlipogram must be at least 8 lines long. Write on one of the following topics: love, text messages, breakfast (not brunch), money, lies, sex, leaves, or the ocean. But of course, you can’t use any of those e-holding words in your poem. You can’t use “the.” Alipogramthat meets these requirementsAND makes sense will get you15points, but you will lose three points for each careless “E” you include.

Example: Here is A. RossEckler, Jr.’s version, a re-write of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”

Mary had a tiny lamb

Its wool waspalid as snow

And any spot that Mary did walk
This lamb would always go

This lamb did follow Mary to school
Although against the law
How girls and boys did laugh and play

That lamb in class all saw

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