three potential research topics

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What are three issues that you are interested in researching and writing about for Papers 3 ? Write a few sentences about what your personal connection is to the topic, and why the topic interests you. Then, write a short paragraph for the issue that you are most interested in writing about:- why are you interested in researching this issue? what is your personal stake in this issue? what is a specific problem within the issue that affects you? why does this problem need to be solved? what will happen if the problem is not solved? at this point, what do you think is a potential solution(s) to this problem?

NOTE: please remember to format this and every assignment according to MLA format rules!

This is one of my topic Addressing the Growing Pressure on the Cost of Education to International Students in America . You can choose the rest of the two topics

. I would like you to, however, avoid the following topics: capital punishment/death penalty, abortion, steroid use/doping/testing in sports, gun control, animal testing, lowering the drinking age, euthanasia, illegal immigration, gay marriage, smoking and/or smoking bans, legalizing marijuana

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