Three Sources in MLA

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Annotated Bibliography


The purpose of this assignment is to develop the skills necessary to conduct film research. This is

an important first step in the writing process.

1) Skills/Knowledge: As a result of completing this assignment, students will be able to:

a. Utilize the library resources to gather research related to a film.

b. Critically read sources in order to assess their credibility, argument, and value

for research project.

Assignment Requirements

1) Find and annotate THREE credible sources related to a film from the syllabus. Scholarly,

peer-reviewed sources are preferable, but I will also accept credible popular/journalistic

sources for more recent films. Reviews might be credible, but they are not peer-reviewed.

You may choose to research a film not on the syllabus, but you MUST approve this with

me first, and approval of the film is completely at my discretion.

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