To critically evaluate the similarities and differences between positive psychology and humanistic psychology.

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 You will read the following seven (7) articles: Churchill. S.D., & Mruk, C.J. (2014). Practicing what we preach in humanistic and positive psychology. American Psychologist 69, 90-92, doi:10.1037/a0034868. Friedman, H. (2014). Are humanistic and positive psychology really incommensurate? American Psychologist 69, 89-90, doi:10.1037/a0034865. Morley. J. A phenomenologist’s response to Alan Waterman. (2014). American Psychologist 69, 88-89, doi:10.1037/a0034866. Schneider, K.J. (2014). Humanistic and positive psychology need each other, and to advance, our field needs both. American Psychologist, 69, 92. dio:10:1037/a0034852. Serlin, I.A. (2014). A therapist’s response to Alan Waterman. American Psychologist, 69, 89. dio:10:1037/a0034987. Waterman, A.S. (2013). The humanistic psychology—positive psychology divide: contrasts in philosophical foundations. American Psychologist, 68(3), 124-133. doi:10.1037/a0032168. Waterman, A.S. (2014). Further reflections on the humanistic psychology-positive psychology divide. American Psychologist, 69, 92-94. doi:10:1037/a0034966 Write a thought-essay answering this question: What are the three most important premises of positive psychology and how do they relate to humanist psychology?

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