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 Instructions • This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment. • You will write a brief (2-3 pages) paper to present one health issue or concern and describe three evidence-based intervention strategies to address that health topic or concern. Outline: What Works for Health 1. Description of Health Issue a. Select ONE health issue or concern from one of the four health factor categories (County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, 2019). b. Briefly present data on specific health indicators that relate to your health topic for a selected population group (county, state, vulnerable population). 2. Evidence-based Interventions a. Research promising practices and evidence-based interventions that specifically address the primary health issue or concern. Interventions can be strategies, programs, or policies. b. Describe three specific evidence-based interventions, and include the following for each intervention strategy: i. Describe the intervention in general terms. ii. Categorize the Level(s) of Prevention (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary); justify your selection. iii. Appraise the evidence of effectiveness in addressing the health issue or concern. 3. Recommended Actions a. Evaluate the applicability of the three various programs, policies, or strategies within a diverse population.

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