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 Description of Adverse Event You are the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) of LIFT, a global ride sharing service. At 9:00 a.m., you read in today’s newspaper that your main competitive rival, U-Beer, has just been hit with a cyber breach. The root causes of the incident were employee misconduct and the employee’s misuse of company funds to pay off hackers who had breached security parameters and gained access to customer sensitive data including names, address and Social Security Numbers. The employee failed to escalate or notify anyone in internal management of the breach until the event was made public. U-Beer has since removed their Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and is in full-blown crisis management mode as public concern around the situation has escalated. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of U-Beer has also been under tremendous pressure by the media and customers to resign off the back of the incident. At 10:00 a.m., you get a call from the CEO of LIFT, your boss, asking for more details on the situation at U-Beer and whether this type of incident could occur at LIFT. You commit to do an analysis of the situation and report back by 5:00 p.m. to the CEO and she/he wants answers to the questions to follow. Please prepare an executive summary following the format below and upload your individual, unique response,You are encouraged to make assumptions about the current control environment, known internal control gaps, key risks previously identified and known issues from the company’s internal audit or other areas of the firm in formulating your response. Be creative and think out of the box! Use and state assumptions where facts are not available. The executive summary is expected to have:  1 pages,  bullet points may be used,  a section for reference, if any, and;  must include the following : I. Short summary of key factors that led to the adverse event at U-Beer II. Impacts to the U-Beer business caused by the adverse event III. Mitigation efforts needed at Lift to prevent a similar event from occurring IV. Draft a high-level crisis response plan for Lift to respond to a similar breach should one occur

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