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Students will analyze a relevant current issue suggested and approved by their instructor. Students will either focus their thesis on persuading the reader that the issue is a serious problem (there must be existing controversy about whether it is a problem) or persuading the reader of what solution(s) should be used. Students will use at least five (5) sources to explore the issue: at least two peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles, one literary text with ideas that relate to the issue, and two otherwise credible sources (may also be peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles).
Read these webpages on writing a research paper.
1. Select an issue and a literary text that relates to that issue. Examples of current relevant issues are climate change, other environmental issues, wealth inequality, inequality based on socioeconomic status, and nuclear armament. Once you’ve decided on a general current issue, you will need to narrow your focus.
2. Reread the literary text. Students should remember the literary text can relate to the issue in surprising ways.



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