U.S. foreign policy and the rise of China or Russia-US relations.

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This is a survey course on U.S. foreign policy, the paper entails a wide range of choices depending on the interest of the particular student. Students must choose a particular foreign policy issue upon which she or he will research. The overall goal of the paper is the following: 1) Capture a summary of the principle issue; 2) advance a thoughtful analysis of the issue; 3) relate the subject matter to the course; 4) incorporate at least five different sources you have found on your own in order to advance a substantial and thoughtful analysis; 5) weigh the strengths and weaknesses of the particular policy; and 6) relying upon your own research, offer ideas on how one can improve or, in case you choose a historical case study, could have improved the particular policy. For example, one issue may deal with how the U.S. has currently chosen to address poverty as a foreign policy issue. This assignment is to not only prepare you for future university research and assist students with navigating through the library’s vast resources, most of which are often unbeknown to university students, but also begin to think of policy analysis and solutions. The paper must reach 11 pages in length, not including the reference list. Use Roman-Time font double spaced with default margins. You could also do a topical paper, such as U.S. foreign policy and the rise of China or Russia-US relations.

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