Unit 6 Discussion 2 Mantha

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RIVERBEND CITY: COLLABORATIVE RELATIONSHIPS Resource Discussion Participation Scoring Guide. Riverbend City: Collaborative Relationships in Community Organizing. Review the Riverbend City: Collaborative Relationships in Community Organizing mission and consider the various organizations with which Fuerza y Unidad is considering forming partnerships and collaborations. Select one of the three presenters: Nicole, Eduardo, or Hector, and describe the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities you see in the organizations that person discussed. Do not select presenters who have already been discussed extensively, but try to help spread the discussion between all three presenters. Which, if any, of the proposed partnerships do you think the board should pursue? Explain your reasoning and support your argument with citations from your text and other readings. Response Guidelines Respond to the suggestions of at least two other learners who discussed organizations different than those you discussed. When possible, elaborate upon the ideas and suggestions being offered or suggest alternatives that the original poster may not have considered.       

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