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  Unit V Assignment Performance Management Plan Throughout this unit, we discussed the importance of the performance management process and the steps involved. For  this assignment, you will create your own performance management plan  that includes answers to the following  questions:  Describe how learning and management strategies impact strategic performance management processes?  How would you describe your company and employees?  For example, what products or services does your  compan y offer, and what tasks do your employees complete?  How will you assess employees? (For example, will you use performance appraisals? Will you rank employees?)  How will you provide feedback? What type of feedback will you provide?  How will you reward the t op employ ees? How will you handle low – per forming employees?  MHR  6551, Training and Development 4 For each of the above bullets, explain how you will address that aspect of the performance management plan using  details and examples. You will complete your plan using a template. Please open t he template, complete your assignment  and save the document, and then submit it. To access the template for this assignment, click  here . Within the template, please use complete sentences. Each explanation should be one to two paragraphs in length.  Outside sources are not a requirement for this assignment. However, if you choose to use them, please cite and reference  accordi ng to APA standards.

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