Urban Theories & Issues

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Urban Theories & Issues Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details Urban Theories & Issues Assignment is an academic paper assignment of a chosen urban case study. This case study paper is a comprehensive research project that is designed to help reinforce the understanding of urban theories contents by requiring students to apply knowledge, principles, theories, concepts, and methods in tandem with the course learning. The case city selection must meet specified criteria including city with a minimum of population of 100,000 and access to an adequate number of resources beyond Wikipedia. The final project should be presented in the form of a comprehensive research paper that is based on findings from both regular assignments and additional outside research. The course schedule should serve as a guide for topics about which you should research, prepare written summaries, and create interpretive graphics on a regular and on-going basis. There will be one in-progress reviews to check for quality and completeness. Expectations: This project has rigorous expectations and constitutes. This studies should be well researched, carefully cited and effectively supported with relevant, interpretative graphics. Written argument / discussion should be reflective and creative in its analysis and interpretation (i.e. it should not be a bunch of factoids cut and pasted from Wikipedia and other sources). The writing should be informed by multiple sources including , assigned readings which will be sent to you after, outside research and original analysis. Narrative should be populated with pervasive citations and footnotes where appropriate. Images /Illustrations must also be properly cited unless they are original photos or graphics created by the author. Scope should include discussion and interpretative analysis of the case of selected city’s contemporary state, history, urbanization processes, urban form, urban transportation, urban renewal/renovation, “imageability” and legibility using Lynch methodology, and quality /feature of urban spaces, etc. The writing content should also include a section of featuring research and reflective discussion about at least two significant contemporary urban issues (such as urban sprawl, poverty, water shortage, urban transportation, land use, public space quality, street front, urban landmark, etc.), confronting the selected city. Reflections about appropriate design and planning strategies that could be/are being used to address it, as well as informed projections about the city’s future should also be included. . . It is up to you to choose one of the three academic citation styles (Chicago, APA, & MLA) for the paper’s citations and footnotes. It is very important to provide appropriate citation information for any content that is not originally from the author. The paper has no restriction of word’s number and it can exceed 3000 words long.

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