Use of social media for marketing a Local store

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 Project 1 In class we discussed that social media is a cost effective way for all business, large and small, to reach there consumers. Business using social media are attempting to achieve one or a combination of the following goals: Lead Generation, Brand Awareness, and customer retention. Your objective for this project is to contact a local business that use social media and interview the person in charge of their social media. In the Appendix of the report, you will need to provide the name and contact information of the person that you interviewed. You must actually speak to the person during the interview (face to face, on the phone, video chat), sending an email with the interview questions is not allowed for this project. Once you have completed the interview you will create a report on the business and their use of social media Complete the following steps 1. First you need to complete your company interview. Your interview should be designed to find an understanding of how the business currently uses and manages social media, what the current social media goals are, and what is in place to measure how successful they are at achieving their social media goals. 2. After completing the interview review the information and using what you have learned so far in BI 320 to determine where the company is succeeding and lacking in the use of social media. Additionally, determine what you would you recommend to the company can do improve their overall use of social media? 3. Finally, there are a lot of social media tools that companies can use to help manage their use of social media. One example that was given in class was Hootsuite. Based on the information gathered in the interview are their tools that the company is not currently using to manage social media that the company would benefit from? Once you have completed the following steps you will create a report with the following sections: 1. Introduction 2. Company Background 3. The Interview: Here you will report in a clear manner a summary of the information gathered during the interview. The interview questions and the responses are to be placed in the appendix of the report. 4. Review and Recommendations on the company’s use of social media: Here you will review of how well the company is using social media and your team’s recommendation on how to improve the company’s use of social media. 5. Social media tools: Here you will discuss three to five different tools that you believe the company will benefit from using. You will give a background on what each of the tools are and how the company will benefit from the use. When making recommendations take in to account how the company currently use social media and what size of their social media budget. In other words do not recommend the use of an expensive tool if they have little to no budget. 6. Conclusion The report to be written in a professional manner and should include but is not limited to: having a title page, your name and 800#’s, titled sections, and not having spelling and grammar errors. The paper is required to be written in Times New Roman font, 12 point font size, 1.5 line spacing, no spacing before or after paragraphs, and normal margins (Top, Bottom, Left, and Right all 1″). Finally the paper is to be a minimum of five full pages but no longer than ten pages not including pictures, graphs, appendices, etc. Not following all of these requirements will result in a deduction of points.

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