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In your discussion post, please write one paragraph* for each lecture offered this week. As a reference, use the graphic organizer you filled out while you watched the lectures. Be sure to use language and tone appropriate for a college classroom and any terminology from the reading that helps you explain your thinking. Use APA format. Post your initial response no later than Thursday at 11:59 p.m. ET.In each paragraph, please address the following:Describe a specific aspect about the disorder that you have gleaned from the lecture. Use this specific aspect as an example to explain your responses to items 2 and 3.
Explain your thinking about the basis for the disorder and the research that informs that theory.
Do you think the diagnosis and treatment of the disorder make sense? Explain why or why not by utilizing your knowledge of the theory and research.
Response to Peers Please respond to at least one of your peers by writing one paragraph.* Your response must relate to a peers point or question, picking up the idea and expanding on it through your perspective or understanding, and adding information to raise the complexity of the conversation.

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