Using a PDSA in analyzing the clinical issues and solutions

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This is a paper that is focusing on Using a PDSA in analyzing the clinical issues and solutions. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper clearly.

Using a PDSA in analyzing the clinical issues and solutions

Take a look at your current clinical environment. What about current practices, teamwork, or patient care needs to be improved? Select one area of improvement (of your choice) in your clinical area for this project.  Use the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) methodology in analyzing the clinical issues and associated solutions. While students will not be able to evaluate the overall impact of the designated interventions, students will identify how they would evaluate the success of the plan and how that will impact patient care.

I plan to implement a 1-page handout added to the breastfeeding handout we give. My outcome is for mothers to be able to teach back at the time of discharge key elements on the handout

Introduction (10 points)
1. Provides an overview of the quality improvement project and also designated topic.

2. Secondly, provides a clear purpose statement of the paper at the end of the introduction.

Provides a comprehensive and also detailed introduction with a concise purpose statement of the paper included.

(10 points)

Acceptable introductory paragraph included with a purpose statement. More thorough discussion is needed.

(7 points)
Introduction is brief and also does not provide an overview of the paper. An incomplete purpose statement may be included or missing.

(5 points)

Identification of Problem

(30 points)

Using a PDSA in analyzing the clinical issues and solutions

1. Firstly, compare the student selected issue to national benchmarks and regulatory recommendations.

2. Secondly, discuss the long-term impact of patient care related to this selected issue.

3. Thirdly, describes the financial impact of this issue on hospital budget and reimbursement issues.

(30 points)
While all components are addressed, one to two components needed a more thorough discussion.

(20 points)

The components of the criterion were not well developed or the content is superficial without appropriate references to support statements.

(10 points)

Quality Improvement Process

(40 points)

Using the PDSA quality improvement methodology, formulate a quality improvement process to improve care related to this issue.

1.  Plan: Firstly, formulate for quality improvement recommendations.

a.   Analyze the problem: Secondly, evaluate the current literature to predict the common factors that contribute to the selected issue.

b.   Thirdly, select three evidence-based interventions that will be implemented to address this issue. Also, identified any budgetary considerations that would be needed based on selected interventions.

2.  Do: Fourthly, strategies used to implement the selected evidence-based intervention.

3.  Study: Criteria student will utilize to determine if interventions have been successful.

a.   Additionally, include information needed to analyze the success of the designated interventions.

4.  Act: Lastly, evaluate how these interventions should expand to other clinical areas based on their success.

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