Using AWS S3 bucket and folders to host a static website

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This project is NOT about: • Hosting a website – We simply upload local files and folders to AWS S3. o If you did not follow the steps/instructions stated in the class notes, you were trying to handle web hosting and need to figure out what you did wrong by yourself. o This project has nothing to do with the domain name. • Building a website – We do NOT care about the appearance of a web page. Background: In Ava’s mind, her next investment will be a family restaurant which is a business area that she has no experience nor knowledge at all. She does not have any specific type of restaurant in mind. But, she envisions that this restaurant will carry the following five (5) categories of food: • Appetizers: at least 5 different types • Salads: at least 5 different types • Soups: at least 5 different types • Main courses that cover o Sandwiches: at least 5 different types o Pastas: at least 2 different types o Pizza: At least 3 different types • Deserts: At least 5 different types Ava also expects every food item has a sample picture associated with it. Your task: You are asked to design a menu of your choice to satisfy the minimum requirements stated above and develop a static website utilizing AWS S3 bucket and folders to populate the menu. At the minimum, your website must include: • A landing page (The home page/URL for the menu) • A link/page for every category listed above, hence, at least 5 links/pages/folders under the home page Note: You must utilize AWS S3 bucket and folders to implement your project. What to submit for grading? Please create a file in MS Word or pdf format to include the following information: 1. The URL for the landing page 2. Screenshot of every page 3. Screenshots of the AWS S3 bucket and folders used to implement this project. Grading Policy: 1% means 1% of your semester grade. This assignment is worth 20% of your semester grade. Deducted Why 20% Submitted solution has little or nothing to do with the requirements 20% Missed the deadline 20% Did not submit the solution via Blackboard 20% Submitted file cannot open 20% Developed website is not accessible by public 5% Did not utilize AWS S3 bucket and folders 5% Failed to satisfy any of the requirements 5% One or more errors caused by visiting the developed website, such as a file cannot open or a link is broken 5% One of more items do not have a sample picture

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