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The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate change management strategies and their impact on organizational outcomes and to effectively communicate a change plan.
Using the research gathered in the Topic 6 and 7 assignments, develop an organizational change plan and communicate it to relevant stakeholders in a bulleted executive summary (500-750 words) composed of the following sections: summary, introduction, method (if applicable), findings, conclusions, and recommendations. The executive summary must that address the following:
Need for change, role of management in change, and importance of change to stakeholders.
Change agents and their future role in the organization.
Identification of area for change and communication of this information from management to employees and change agents.
Identification of two proactive steps the organization needs to take today to avert potential change-related problems.
Identification and explanation of significant obstacles that could be encountered by each of the following: management, employees, change agents, and two other significant stakeholders.
Identification of two potential sacrifices that the organization might need to make to accomplish the goals/objectives of this organization.
The three most essential resources the organization needs to sustain the required changes?
Explanation of change management strategies that would help the organization integrate change and the impact of these strategies on organizational outcomes.
Discussion or revisions that could be made to the vision and mission statements of the organization.
Communication plan identifying techniques and channels to be leveraged to effectively influence the change.
Summarize the estimated timeline for plan implementation.


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