Virtual assistant system natural language processing pipeline

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This essay entails a paper on Virtual assistant system in the millitary or hospitals and the natural language processing pipeline in such areas. Virtual assistant system helps in remotely controlling all the processes that happen far away from the area they are controlled from.

Virtual assistant system natural language processing pipeline

Firstly, in this type of project, you’ll choose a task, whether in daily life, or in a specialized domain that you have some knowledge of. Design, in theory, a natural language processing pipeline which will help to accomplish it. You can think of it as designing a service or product which could use natural language to make somebody’s life easier.

Secondly, your system must involve speech, text, some exchange of information with the computer, knowledge representation (or lookup). Some interactional component (e.g. it’s not enough to design a phone system that tells you the time when you call it). You should engage with a number of the topics in the course material. For this project, I’ve created a document describing the Virtual Assistant Interaction process. Which details a ‘complete’ interaction, and touches on some of the major issues at play here. 

Thirdly, the main requirement is that it be something that existing tools don’t already do. Sample topics would be something like… Design a virtual assistant system which will serve as a companion to people playing a popular video game. It allows humans to query for important in-game information, or issue voice commands alongside their keyboard and mouse commands.

Seriously, you’ll have more fun and learn more if you design an interesting system for an interesting situation. Work in something related to your hobbies, daily life, or future career. I’m absolutely willing to entertain weird ideas, so let me know if there’s a wacky idea that’s making this project sound more fun.

In conclusion,

Finally, your final write-up does not have strict length requirements. This is because there will be chunks of additional text, query frames, etc). Instead, you’ll simply need to demonstrate to me that you’ve contemplated carefully the difficulties of your system.

Additionally, don’t forget to discuss, at the start of the paper, the relative contributions of each group member.

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