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1:What is the specific claim or claims in the article, “Visibility of Race in Media?”
2:How is White Privilege constructed according to the article, “Constructing Race, Creating White Privilege.
3:Define “Jim Crow” and describe how it relates to the overall concept of racism.
4:After reviewing the summary of the readings and vocabulary in this section, provide at least four to five
sentences about what you have learned. For example, you might consider reference concepts like “White
Privilege,” Stereotyping, Color Blind Racism, etc. Address at least two of her readings, and/or vocabulary
discussed in Unit 3.
5:What is at least one-piece evidence (if any) the author is using to verify his/her claim in “Race, Disability and
the School-to-Prison Pipeline.”
6:Define “Mass Incarceration” and describe how it relates to the overall concept of racism.
7:Define “Stereotype” and describe how it relates to the overall concept of racism.
8:Does the author provide a compelling argument in the article, “Race Matters?” Justify your answer with
evidence from the text.
9:Provide a brief summary of the “New Jim Crow Summary.” What do you expect to read about in this text,
based on this summary? Be specific.
10:What is “Color Blind Racism” according to the author of this article?


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