W.E.B Dubois in the New South

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“Select a topic from the following topics from within the topics covered within History 1302. Topic selection is due October 5th Start your research on your topic. Create a bibliography from the sources you will use. As you start your research, remember very source you use you must cite in your bibliography. The bibliography should be in MLA Form. Your bibliography is due on or before November 5th .Your paper should be 5 pages in length, double spaced, with no more than a 12-point font. All quotes must be cited in your bibliography and be limited to two sentences, (No block quotes). Your bibliography should be separate. Your file should be labeled with your first and last name, ex. Robinson_Joella (I am hoping this helps with any file or name confusion? You must submit it through the TurnItIn feature that will be found on your homepage before your due date. (No papers will be accepted if not run through the Turn It In Site.”

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