week 4 discussions

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Discussion 1

Take Assessment 9.3 (Your Leadership Frame of Reference) in the textbook. Tally your scores and report your scores in your initial post. Also in your initial post, analyze what the scores of the assessment reveal about your Frame of Reference. Do you think the assessment is accurate? Why or why not? Would you want to change your approach? Why or why not? What are you going to do to improve or change your frame of reference as you are more involved in leadership?


This questionnaire asks you to describe yourself as a leader. For each of the following items, score the phrase that best describes you with a 4, the item that is next best with a 3, and on down to 1 for the item that is least like you.

1. My strongest skills are:

___ a. Analytical skills

___ b. Interpersonal skills

___ c. Political skills

___ d. Flair for drama

2. The best way to describe me is:

___ a. Technical expert

___ b. Good listener

___ c. Skilled negotiator

___ d. Inspirational leader

3. What has helped me the most in being successful is my ability to:

___ a. Make good decisions

___ b. Coach and develop people

___ c. Build strong alliances and a power base

___ d. Inspire and excite others

4. What people are most likely to notice about me is my:

___ a. Attention to detail

___ b. Concern for people

___ c. Ability to succeed in the face of conflict and opposition

___ d. Charisma

5. My most important leadership trait is:

___ a. Clear, logical thinking

___ b. Caring and support for others

___ c. Toughness and aggressiveness

___ d. Imagination and creativity

6. I am best described as:

___ a. An analyst

___ b. A humanist

___ c. A politician

___ d. A visionary

Scoring and Interpretation

Compute your scores as follows:

For the structural frame, add up the scores you gave choice A in each item: ____.

For the human-resource frame, add up the scores you gave choice B in each item: ____.

For the political frame, add up the scores you gave choice C in each item: ____.

For the symbolic frame, add up the scores you gave choice D in each item: ____.

Discussion 2

What is the role of leadership as it relates to vision, mission, and strategy in an organization? Give specific examples.

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