Week 6 literature, complete a discussion response to two students, outline 3, and 3 page draft of research paper.

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Week six:

  • Turn in an outline for your third 2-page essay, and a three-page draft of your six-page research paper (this should be an adaptation of one of your essays, making it into a research paper with cited scholarly sources from the library databases supporting your argument and also providing counterarguments).
  • Read the model literature research papers in the models and templates folder (located with the syllabus and lectures in our BlackBoard classroom).

All assignments must be formatted correctly; use MLA standards for font, spacing, and margins. See the website OWL at Purdue and look up MLA format for all of the information you will need in this class. Formatting will be graded!

Discussion Guidelines:

For discussion, please post and respond to classmates as helpfully as possible as everyone revises during our final days of the term!


I expect you to read the assignments carefully and respond thoughtfully and in interesting ways to the reading and to one another. You should always seek to expand the conversation, and not to end it.

Some Additional Information:

This week you are outlining the final two-page essay (Essay Three), and at this point you should be feeling fairly confident about that process. Do let me know if you have questions about it, though! That will also be the final possible topic for your research paper, and the draft (three pages in length, so onto the fourth “piece of paper” in MLA format) of the research paper is also due at the end of this week.

The model research papers are your reading this week, and I hope they are helpful examples of student writing. Please bring your observations, questions, and any helpful or confusing elements up in this week’s discussion so we can make these examples as useful as possible to your writing process as you draft the research paper this week.

Have fun!

As you work through the reading and your discussion post and responses to classmates, please E-mail me with any questions and keep in touch!

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