Week 7 Communication theory, Crisis Communications, and Risk communications (Single Spaced)

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Read and watch the following very Carefully (to avoid revisions) and answer the following Discussion board questions

Reading Materials;

1- Robert C. Chandler (2008) White Paper Message Mapping: How to Communication During Six Stages of a Crisis. 3n Global (Attached).

2- Watch (What is message mapping in risk communications? Review this link of Vincent Covello – this is a technique that is helpful as you create your PSA. This is required. http://vimeo.com/20290221

3- Watch this video lecture from Peter Sandman, another risk communication expert in the field. http://vimeo.com/18611416


“The discussion board this week should reflect your observations and interpretations of the Covella and Sandman presentations. What were the key points you abstracted from these assignments?”

* APA Style

* Use Provided materials + reliable references and cite them properly.

* Single space 2 pages + a reference page

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