Whale Shark

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 Description Chose  “Whale Shark”. Make sure your proposal addresses the following questions. What species? Is your species on an endangered-species list? Is your species valuable for medical research? Is your species invasive & threatening native ecosystems or crops? Is your species causing a dangerous disease? Did you choose a single species (e.g. Malaria is distributed by more than one species of mosquito)? Why? What are the benefits of saving/eradicating this species? Why is this species important? What would happen in the best case if this species were saved/eliminated? Why not? What are the environmental risks of saving/eliminating this species? What could happen in the worst case if this species was not saved/eliminated? How? How feasible is it to save/eliminate this species? What actions are you proposing to save/eliminate this species and how safe are these actions? Can you find any scientific study or data that help you make your argument?

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