What are the effects of social media addiction?

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What are the effects of social media addiction? Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details My audience is professor and my classmates My purpose is to analyze You can use the articles that we read in academic articles from the library database, magazine articles, newspapers articles, etc. You must have at least 3 or 4 sources. Don’t forget to use the I.C.E. method for blending. Use in-text citation. I.C.E. I = Introduce Introduce your quote with an introductory phrase C = Cite After your quote, use in-text citation. E = Explain explain your quote Title- Creative title- Intrigues the reader Introduction- Uses a strategy learned from last week. Has an attention-getter, transition, and thesis Thesis- The thesis is clear and raises issues to be discussed. It previews the structure of the essay. Supporting Evidence- The evidence provides logical support for the thesis. It is well developed with details. You connect your evidence to your topic sentences/thesis. The evidence is cited if necessary. Organization – The essay contains an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The body paragraphs show a connection to the thesis. Resources- 3 or 4 sources. One at least from your own research. Correctly cited. Mechanics- Correct grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure. Conclusion – The conclusion reviews your thesis and also adds new insight to the thesis and evidence. MLA format- correctly done for citations, heading, and Works Cited page

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