What does Mill mean by “It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied; better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied”?

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 Your answer should meet all the requirements concerning length (no more than 3 pages and no less than 1. 2 page), Times New Roman, 12 pts, 1,5 space, use of appropriate language, grammar and outside resources, especially current ones etc. Please remember the attached template of a philosophical answer is just one way to answer, there are other ways to answer, depending on the question. The basic rule is: You have to have a question as your restated thesis, then discussion of pro and con arguments or explanation or analysis of an argument and anticipation of objections. Then you have to have a conclusion, which is a restatement of your thesis and a bibliography, which shows that you back up your claims /assertions by referencing readings or scholarly material. It is important that you reference original and scholarly sources to support your thesis and cite them properly. Cite primary works or other philosophers’ works to support your position. You can’t use Wikipedia, the BBC or other news media as a primary source. A word about Wikipedia, blogs or on-line news sites: Anyone can contribute to them, so the accuracy of articles varies, and in some cases, the coverage of a controversial issue is one-sided or disputed. Even when the articles are accurate, they provide only basic information. Wikipedia’s founder, Jimmy Wales, cautions students against using it as a source, except for obtaining general background knowledge: “You’re in college; don’t cite the encyclopedia”(Wikipedia Founder Discourages Academic Use of His Creation”. Chronicle of Higher Education: The Wired Campus, 12 June 2006, 16 Nov. 2006. http://chronicle.com/wiredcampus/article/1328/wikipedia-founder-discourages-academic -use -of -his-creation.

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