What is an entrepreneur

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SECTION A1.What is an entrepreneur?       [3 Marks)

2.Define Global Entrepreneurship.          (2 M arks)

3.What are the 4 steps of starting n business?   (4 Marks)

4.Describe an Economic System (5 Marks)

5.Define the 3 different types of capital with examples for each (6Marks)

6.What are the three elements of the intellectual capital (IC) of an organization. (3Marks)

7.Afirm is more effective because? 2 Marks

8.List the required capabilities of the entrepreneurial team. (10 Marks)

9.What are some of the elements of the ability to overcome a challenge?(5 Marks)

10. Define Creative Destruction?(2 Marks)

11.What is the difference between Innovation and Technology  (4 Marks)

12. Name and describe with examples the 4 types or sources of innovation          (8 Marks)

13. What are the six steps to action as an entrepreneur (6 Marks)

14. Define Design thinking and the steps involved (10 Marks)


15. What is the difference between an opportunity and an attractive opportunity. (4Marks)

16.How can an entrepreneur identify and select valuable opportunities?   (5 Marks)

17. list some of the social and cultural trends that will create opportunities. (5 Marks)

18. What are the five characteristics of an attractive opportunity? (5Marks)

19. Describe any good opportunity and list the nine categories of opportunity. (10 Marks)


20.What is a Vision?      (5Marks)

21.What is a Mission Statement?             (2 Marks)

22.What are the possible elements of mission statement?           (6 Marks)

23.What are the five values offered to a customer. (5 marks)

24. Discuss the elements of a business model. (7 Marks)


25. Discuss the management process for developing strategy.    (8 Marks)


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