What is blockchain? What are potential business impacts (including but also beyond just cryptocurrency)?

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Format should be as follows: 1) Paragraph #1) a succinct statement conveying the most essential point to understand about the topic. (no more than 3 sentences) 2) Paragraph #2) personal observation / conclusion why the topic is remarkable (or not). Relate any real world experiences if you can. (no more than 5 sentences) As you write paragraph #1 & #2 imagine an executive or other respected person in your organization asks you to explain the topic. This is a busy person; you have ~30 seconds of their time in conversation or reading your email response to give them the info they want and gain their trust that you are a ‘go-to’ person. 3) Paragraph #3) any additional background or interesting information you’d like to include as a result of researching the topic. 4) Footer: include your references, links to articles / other sources you found on the topic. Exact format is not important. • Each of the ten papers will count 10 points toward the total TB grade, each TB graded as follows: 1) Degree to which brief makes succinct, salient points and draws interesting conclusions = 5 points 2) Brief is at least one page double-spaced, but paragraph #1 & #2 cannot exceed one page, and otherwise follows the format described above = 5 points

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