What types of bargaining strategies need to be put into place for unions to be able to survive inside organizations?

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The goal of this project is to demonstrate problem solving, critical thinking, data research and analysis, and innovation skills The purpose of this project is to apply your critical thinking skills to address course concepts in a comprehensive paper. The objective of this paper is to share your professional understanding related to labor relations and unions based on theory. Use a 12-point Times Roman or Arial font, double-space it, and have 1 in. margins as a standard format. You should use a minimum of six scholarly resources Course Project Paper Rubric Category Points % Description Documentation and Formatting 30 12.5 The paper should follow instructions as outlined under the guidelines. Organization and Cohesiveness 60 25 The paper should have topical flow with like subjects in each paragraph. Paragraphs should flow and link from one topic to the next. Instructor feedback from throughout the session should be integrated. Paragraph transitions should be present and logical. Page count should follow guidelines. Editing 30 12.5 Sentences should be complete, clear, and concise. Sentence transitions should be present and maintain the flow of thought. Rules of grammar and punctuation should be followed. Spelling should be correct. Sentence structure should be clean and clear. The writing style should follow appropriate undergraduate-level writing. Content 120 50 The paper content should be thorough, yet concise. Information included should be relevant to the topic and provide depth and clarity of theories, as well as theory application. All key elements of the assignment should be covered in a substantive way. Concepts should be reviewed clearly, supported by specific details (examples or analysis), and organized logically. The paper should link theory to relevant examples of current concepts and industry practice. There should be correct use of vocabulary and theory. Total 240 100 A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.

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