White Collar Crime in the age of Forensic Science

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STRUCTURE OF THE RESEARCH PAPER (per the professor) Follow all these specifics The structure of the research paper is standardized and the key points dictate the content.. The headings for a good research paper should include: 1-Abstract: The abstract should be 1-2 pages in length (600-700 words) and content Introduction, Method, Findings, Discussions, Conclusion and References. Abstracts are a brief summary of a larger project. Abstracts are written in the future tense and summarize the work that will be done. Each of the following items should be briefly addressed in your abstract: An example will be placed on Blackboard. • The overall theme of your research. • The research question or questions you seek to answer. • The literature you will use to inform your research. You should be able to identify several scholarly journals that you may use to develop your literature review. • The theory or theories that help frame and guide your research. • The research methods that you will use as well as methods you would use if you were to fully complete the research project. • Techniques of data analysis to be used in your current project as well as if you were to carry out the study. a. Introduction: This should contain the background information of the paper and the research goals. It should not contain any opinion, method, finding, or conclusion. A good introduction should be divided into four paragraphs explained below: Paragraph 1 – general explanation/identification of the topic, which foreshadows the first keyword Paragraph 2 – more detail about issues raised in paragraph 1, possibly foreshadowing other keywords Paragraph 3 – explanation of the background information for third keyword Paragraph 4 – summary of what is to come in the paper (for example, “In this report, we describe…”) b. Method: Students will establish statistics as to research done. All technique whether qualitative, quantitative, secondary or primary data must be identified and referenced. These statistics could involve using graphical representation, tables, and referenced sources to support arguments of literature written. Information on this can be located in various forensic magazines, forensic related web searches etc. c. Findings: Details of the study findings and citations of the analyzed document must be indicated here. d. Discussion: Students should analyze the interpretation of the findings, the rationale for it and the circumstances to support the findings. e. Limitation: The literature will identify whether the data is testable. It will also explore any restrictions the study may have encountered. This will justify whether given varied circumstance, the result of the research would have been different. f. Policy/Research Conclusion: The underlying strategy of the literature will be discussed in terms of its application to future usage. Possible recommendations as to policy or research needed to improve the study could be proposed. . g. Conclusion: This will serve as the closing of the paper. h. References Citation styles: Try not to use researches exceeding 10 years. The sources must be from recent scientific Journals. Wikipedia is not a reference. The Department of Administration of Justice follows the American Psychological Association (APA) writing style. That is, all essays should be typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margin all around. Where applicable, include in-text references and a reference list in weekly assignments. This list is not exhaustive so you can find more information about the APA Style guide on the Purdue Owl website. Search online for “Purdue Owl APA.” It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all papers comply with the APA style of writing. Failure to comply with APA requirements will lead to a reduction of student’s grade in the paper submitted.

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