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Exercising and High Blood Pressure

Exercising and High Blood Pressure

Medical evidence suggests that exercising is one of the best approaches to reduce blood pressure in patients diagnosed with hypertension (Smart, Carlson, Swaine, & McGowan, 2017). This positive effect of exercising seems to appear even in those patients that do not observe any substantial changes when following a hypertension pharmaceutical treatment. This evidence has, however, mainly focused on the adult population, as hypertension was traditionally a problem of the adults and, most notably, elderly groups in the community. As the population’s obesity rate increased, hypertension has also become a common phenomenon in children and teenagers.

It is thus necessary to investigate whether the regular exercising for, e.g., 60 minutes a day, would have a similar effect on hypertense children and teenagers that it has on hypertense adults. I would thus like to focus the research project on analyzing the impact that exercising has on reducing hypertension in children and teenagers. Understanding the impact that exercising has on the hypertension of children and teenagers would offer a healthier alternative to pharmacological treatment (Lurbe et al., 2016). It would considerably improve the quality of life of the children by providing them with the possibility of controlling the problems associated with hypertension without suffering from the side effects of long-lasting exposure to anti-hypertensive pharmaceuticals. This topic directly affects my field of study, as the conclusions derived from the analysis carried out would allow for the implementation of a guideline or policy that contributes to improving the public health of children in the community (Hwangbo et al., 2015).


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