WK6 Discussion EDUC 3303

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Discussion:  Organizing Your Approach  Throughout this course, you have explored the principles of motivation, how to create a motivating environment for young people, and how to guide children and adolescents through conflicts, problems, and other social-emotional challenges. This week, you have examined models and techniques that professionals might use to organize their approaches toward motivating and guiding young people in group or classroom settings. In this Discussion, you will consider how you might apply the concepts and strategies you have learned about in this course in a professional setting and how you might integrate these strategies into your own custom approach. Reflect on the following:  By Day 3  Post a description of the setting you work in or plan to work in with children and adolescents. Then explain how you might apply the concepts and strategies you have studied in this course in this setting. Identify and describe at least three specific strategies you might use (including if and how you might customize them for your context), when and how you would implement them, and why. Then describe one strategy you do not think would work well in your setting and explain why. Be sure to cite information from the Learning Resources to support your thinking.

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