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Give yourself a point for each question that applies to you. Once you complete the quiz, respond to how you did in each area. Think about how well aware you are of the hidden rules in other classes. Would you be able to survive in all three areas based off the results of your quiz? (half page and 2 respond 2 to 3 lines ) I did the quiz just I need the respond in each area .

All one page half page respond in each area and 2 to 3 lines respond to 2 student the result under each part

Please respond to two other posts as well. 2-3 lines . Please be respectful of each person’s post.


I know which churches and sections of town have the best rummage sales. no

I know which rummage sales have “big sales” and when. no

I know which grocery stores garbage bins can be accessed for throw-away food. no

I know how to get someone out of jail. yes

I know how to physically fight and defend myself physically. no

I know how to get a gun, even if I have a police record. no

I know how to keep my clothes from being stolen at the Laundromat. yes

I know what problems to look for in a used car. yes

I know how to live without a checking account. no

I know how to live without electricity and a phone. no

I know how to use a knife as scissors.yes

I can entertain a group of friends with my personality and my stories. yes

I know what to do when I don’t have money to pay the bills. no

I know how to move in half a day. yes

I know how to get and use food stamps or and electric card with benefits. no

I know where the free medical clinics are. no

I am very good at trading and bartering. yes

I can get by without a car. No

The result 7 out 18


I can read a menu in French, English, and another language. no

I have several favorite restaurants in different countries of the world. no

During the holidays, I know how to hire a decorator to identify the appropriate themes and items with which to decorate the house. no

I know who my preferred financial advisor, legal services, designer, domestic-employment service, and hairdresser are. no

I have at least two residences that are staffed and maintained. no

I know how to ensure confidentiality and loyalty rom my domestic staff. no

I have at least two or three “screens” that keep people whom I do not wish to see away from me.no

I fly in my own plane, the company plan, or the Concorde. no

I know how to enroll my children in the preferred private schools. no

I know how to host the parties that “key” people attend. yes

I am on the boards of at least two charities.no

I know the hidden rules of the Junior League.no

I support or buy the work of a particular artist. no

I know how to read a corporate financial statement and analyze my own financial statements. Yes

the result 2 out 14


I know how to get my children into Little League, piano lessons, soccer, etc. no

I know how to set a table properly. yes

I know which stores are most likely to carry the clothing brands my family wears. yes

My children know the best name brands in clothing. no

I know how to order in nice restaurant. yes

I know how to use a credit card, checking account, and savings account—and I understand an annuity. I understand term life insurance, disability insurance, and 20/80 medical insurance policy, as well as house insurance, flood insurance, and replacement insurance. yes

I talk to my children about going to college. yes

I know how to get one of the best interest rates on my new car loan. yes

I understand the difference among the principal, interest, and escrow statements on my house payment. yes

I know how to help my children with their homework and do not hesitate to call the school if I need additional information. yes

I know how to decorate the house for the different holidays. no

I know how to get a library card. yes

I know how to use most of the tools in the garage. yes

I repair items in my house almost immediately when they break—or know a repair service and call it. Yes

student 1

These quizzes were revealing. I scored a 7/18 on the poverty quiz. This made me understand that I may know some tips and resources that would help me if I was in poverty but I do not know what it is really like to live in it. I would not be able to successfully survive if I was in poverty. I scored a 1/14 on the wealth quiz. I am obviously by no means, wealthy. I was not aware of the many hidden rules or ways of living when you are wealthy. I would not know how to properly survive or behave in this area. I scored a 10/14 on the middle class quiz which is where I obviously belong. I have been middle class my whole life and know the aspects that come along with it. I would say I can confidently survive in this area.

student 2

Poverty: 13

Wealth: 1

Middle Class: 12

I had higher scores in the Poverty and Middle Class areas than I had in the Wealth area. My results are pretty close to what I expected as I didn’t really relate to the statements from the Wealth area. They seemed more related to status and socializing within the upper class, and that is not something I have interacted with. I grew up in between Poverty and Middle Class I would say, so I learned how to be resourceful when life happened as well as learned some basic life skills. English is not my parents’ first language, so I grew up handling most interactions that had to be done in English and this contributed to a lot of the skills that were mentioned in the Middle Class area. I am most aware of the hidden rules in the Poverty and Middle Class since that is what I grew up in. I know how to work my way through most of the situations presented and how to interact with other people within these areas. I am not very aware of the hidden rules or social cues in the Wealth area. Due to this and based off my results, I would be able to survive in the Poverty or Middle Class areas. I would not be able to survive in the Wealthy area solely based on my results; I would have to fake it till I made it and pretend until I understood all the hidden rules and social cues it would take to survive and blend in in the Wealth area.

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