Workplace Stress & Wellness

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 A presentation draft in PowerPoint that will include *visuals* and a Word document with your speaker notes. Plan: For this part of the assessment, you will offer recommendations and a plan to improve your chosen issue (Workplace Stress & Wellness) as well as strategies for implementing your plan. A. Explain the goals of your plan. What are the specific goals you are trying to accomplish with your plan? B. Make recommendations for how the current issue (Workplace Stress & Intellectual Wellness) could be addressed in order to minimize its impact on the target population. Think of specific strategies or tactics that you could implement to address the issue. C. Consider the implications of social attitudes and individual choices to lifelong health and wellness. If you were in charge of addressing your chosen issue, what challenges would you face when implementing your plan? How would you address those challenges? D. Explain the strengths of your plan and why it is likely it would be successful.

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