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The production manager of Nagel Beverage Company is responsible for monitoring the filling operation of soft drink cans. His company has recently installed a new machine. The filling machine has an adjustment that allows the operator to adjust the mean fill level. However, no matter what the setting, the individual cans will vary with respect to the actual volume. The filling machine has been adjusted to fill cans at an average of 12 ounces. After running the machine for several hours, a sample of 100 cans is selected and the volume in each can is measured in the company’s quality testing lab. The manager wants you to use the sample data in the worksheet named Nagel 1 to decide if the machine’s fill average is 12 ounces or if the machine has gone out of adjustment thus putting the wrong amount of soft drink (other than 12 ounces) in the cans. a. 1 Point: Calculate the best point estimate of the population mean using a built-in Excel function. Place your answer in cell F4. b. 2 Points: Calculate the sample standard deviation using a built-in Excel function. Place your answer in cell F5. c. 2 Points: Calculate the standard error of the mean by writing a formula in cell F6 that references the appropriate cells. d. 1 Point: Place the value of the degrees of freedom (df) in cell K4. e. 2 Points: If an objective is to construct a 95% confidence interval estimate for the true mean fill level, calculate the appropriate value of t, placing the value calculation in cell K5, using a built-in Excel function that references the appropriate cells. Make sure t is positive, not negative. f. 2 Points: Calculate the margin of error (MOE = t*SE) in cell K6 by writing a formula that references the appropriate cells. g. 2 Points: Calculate the lower limit of the confidence interval (LL) in cell G12 by writing a formula that references the appropriate cells (Point Estimate – MOE).. h. 2 Points: Calculate the upper limit of the confidence interval (UL) in cell I12 by writing a formula that references the appropriate cells (Point Estimate + MOE). i. 2 Points: Based on your confidence interval results, make a conclusion regarding the machine. In cell K12/13 write either the word “Over”, “Under” or “Correctly” to indicate your conclusion. j. 4 Points: Verify your lower and upper confidence limits by determining the confidence interval using StatTools. Place your StatTools output with an upper left hand cell in cell O1. Place the cell references for the Lower Limit and the Upper Limit from StatTools in cells E18 and G18, respectively.

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