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We should not think of community policing as a program that is owned by the government and imposed on the people. Community policing in its best form is owned and operated by the citizens who work with not only the police but any public agency to solve problems.  Locate at least one example independent of any that might be provided in the text and at least one quality peer reviewed source and evaluate how a well formed community policing effort not only includes participation by citizens but is owned by the citizens of the area that it is used in. In approximately 150 words summarize what you have learned and cite the sources you have used. Then, in approximately 300 words, address the following issues;  1) What other agencies, public or private can be helpful to a community policing project?  2) How can conflicts in leadership be handled so that the overall effectiveness of the effort is not damaged?  3) What would be some of the determining factors in developing a long range plan for the continuation of the success of the community policing effort?  Follow Up Posts   After your initial post, read over the items posted by your peers. Select two different posts, and address the following items in your responses:  1) Is there convincing evidence that a community policing effort can truly be citizen led?  2) There will be times of conflict in any community policing program. Do any of the articles or comments that you read clearly describe how to deal with these conflicts?  3) Of the posts that you reviewed, which has the best example of a successful community policing program? Describe why you selected the program and give examples as to what makes it appear to be successful.

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