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1-Strategy helps determine the success or failure of organization. A/ briefly outline the six stages in the strategic management process.B/ Explain the Boston Counseling Group (BCG) Matrix and describe hoe this model can help managers in setting strategy? C/ Describe Micheal Porter’s model of competitive strategy and explain what he might suggest to the senior leadership of Walmart as they try to establish themselves in e-commerce.D/ why are E-Business customers service and innovation strategies so important to today’s business? Please use Examples

2- Planning involves defining the organization goals, establishing the strategies to achieve those goals and identifying the work to be done. A/ what are the four reasons managers plan? How does planning impact performance? B/ what is the differences between strategic and operational plans in terms time frame, specificity and frequency of use? C/ as the new CEO of General Electric, John Flannery, prepares to restore the company to is former prominence an financial strength, what might he consider in preparing the company’s new goals and plans? D/what are some of the criticisms of planning? Describe some of the ways that managers can plan more effectively in today’s dynamic environment.

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