write a literacy narrative about speaking two languages and how it effects the society, what where the gains, and follow the direction below

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Assignment Objectives: In this assignment, you will apply the critical tools (the Genre Toolkit) to the set of literacy narratives in HWW. You will determine the conventional elements of a literacy narrative and use them to write your own literacy narrative.

Genre: What is it? A literacy narrative is a first-person story about learning to read or write that often highlights the power the narrator gains from literacy. Who reads it? Students and teachers who read literacy narratives to interrogate issues of power and language. What is it for? Toprovide insight into the writer’s background; to persuade readers to accept a larger message(often about language, literacy, and power).

To prepare to write:

  • Read How Writing Works p 2-18 and answer these questions from the textbook in Bb assignments. Due:o p 12-1.1 Evaluate a Literacy Narrative
    o p. 15-1.2 Discover Conventions of Everyday Genreso p. 16-1.3 Identify the Audience
    o p. 17-1.4 Identify a Genre’s Purpose
  • Read “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” (in Module 1) to see another example of a literacynarrative.To write the Literacy Narrative:
  • Step 1 – Think about the different kinds of “literacy” that you have encountered in yourlife. Besides learning how to read and write, are there other kinds of literacies you have had to gain? For example, have you learned a second language? Have you moved to a different school or town and encountered differences in slang, accents, etc.? Have you learned the language of a particular group that was unfamiliar to you at first (say, the language of sports, music, or a hobby)?
  • Step 2 – Drawing on the ideas you came up with in step 1, choose one concrete event that contributed to your gaining a particular type of literacy—a moment where you were confused or a moment where you gained new insights, say. Write a paragraph or two in which you describe that moment in the first person, using as many concrete details about that event as you can.
  • Step 3 – Develop the paragraphs you have written so they provide a description, using concrete details, of a moment when you experienced an increase in literacy. It will include a reflection on how acquisition of literacy might be linked to acquisition of power or influence.Parameters: Your literacy narrative needs to demonstrate that you understand this genre and can write this genre taking into account Who reads it, and What it is for. It should be about 1000 words.

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