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write an essay based on the first 3 chapters of Blues People by Leroi Jones (Amiri Baraka), and on the reading at the link below. Here is the question you must answer:

Write an essay that traces the historical influences of the music of the African Diaspora, from its African roots to its modern appearance in the early 1900s. This is how you will organize the essay:

(1) Keeping in mind that you are tracing the history of this music, your essay must first summarize the major themes raised by Jones in the first three chapters of Blues People. You will devote a paragraph to each one of those three chapters in Blues People. In other words, one paragraph for each chapter. That’s a total of three paragraphs.

(2) Then, based on the reading at the link below entitled “Philosophy, Money, and Music (1900-30),” discuss the connection between the history of black music and black political power. Write one paragraph explaining the argument of its author, Nelson George. Then write another paragraph explaining how George’s argument relates to the first 3 chapters in Blues People. Then write a third paragraph expressing your thought and opinion on the issues covered in the readings.

That is a total of 6 paragraphs/3 typed pages.

Link THIS IS THE LINK HERE blues people.

Music History.pdf “Philosophy, Money, and Music (1900-30)” by Nelson George. in case the link didn’t work I have attached it.

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