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The memoir can be a challenging writing assignment because the writer may not know where to begin.The point of the memoir is not a fully expansive work but instead a “snapshot” of a particular time in the writer’s experience.Compared to the novel, a distinguishing characteristic of a memoir is length, closer to the short story or novella.

The following steps will guide you through the writing process:

  • All people regardless of age, ethnicity, location, social status, etc., share certain felt needs: shelter, food and love.They also tend to fear abandonment, loneliness, the loss of loved ones, failure, etc.Regardless of your theme, you memoir should touch on one of these to connect the human experience.
  • Trust the narrative to tell the story; do not worry about editing until you have the whole story down.You can add details in your second draft.
  • Write the memoir in first person: it is your experience
  • Ideas for your memoir may include writing about: a memory, a pivotal experience, a lesson you learned, most embarrassing moment, humorous situation, etc.

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