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To articulate the main idea or point of a work the article link https://www.chicagotribune.com/opinion/ct-xpm-2011-01-18-ct-talk-reinwald-homeless-0118-20110118-story.html

* Includes three main focus areas: What? How? Why?

3 parts What, how and why

1. What is the author’s main point or message?

Think: What does the author want us to know? What is his/her overall argument?

2.How does the author support their point or communicate their message?

Think: How does the author tell us (evidence types)? Cite evidence from the text (quote or paraphrase) to support your response.

3. Why did the author write this text?

Think: What does the author want us to think about or consider? Why is the author’s message important?

about 250-300 words very detailed and follow the instruction it’s just a summary and im also going to attach a an example of how it should formmated and written. please plagrism free

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