Writing Assignment: Works Cited

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For this assignment you will need A Pocket Style Manual by Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers.

Your assignment is to create a works cited page with correct entries for the following sources used for Essay 2.

1. Jean Anyon’s “Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum”

2. Mike Rose’s “I Just Wanna Be Average”

3. Usa.com

Chegg(Pocket Style Manua):ranlichen520@gmail.com Password:EXO5201314luhan

The paper should be formatted according to the protocols given in A Pocket Style Manual sections 34a and 34b. Below is a sample of how is should appear–for full credit.

MLA Format Works Cited Page.png

In A Pocket Style Manual by Hacker and Sommers:

To create the entries for Anyon and Rose–follow the protocols given in section 33b

  1. #31 Two or more selections from the same anthology
  2. #29 Entire anthology

To create the entry for usa.com section 33b

  1. #38 b. Website with an organization as an author

When you are finished, you should have 4 entries:





To understand why you will have 4 entires, review: A Pocket Style Manual 33b #30.

To complete this assignment, open up a Word document and compose the page titled Works Cited and

then UPLOAD it so that I can see it formatted correctly with the correct margins, indentations, and hanging indents.

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