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Task 1 Memorandum 200-250 Word Count

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You are the head of human resources in a publishing company. You have been told to inform employees of the new regulations and restrictions as a consequence of Covid19.
Cover issues such as:
– Taking temperature on entering the building

– Mask wearing, washing of/ sanitising hands – ventilation of rooms
– remote working

Add at least two other elements.

Task 2 Persuasive Email 300-350 Word Count

You the head of a sales team in a pharmaceutical company. The members of your team have worked exceptionally hard in the promotion of new medicines that were introduced onto the market throughout the year. You have decided that you are going to write an email to the regional head of sales asking for the team to receive an end of year bonus (this is not something that they usually get).

You feel that the team deserves recognition for their hard work as:

– many teams members had to attend training sessions outside of their normal time-table, or in many cases – spent weekends away from home at medical conferences promoting the new products
– Add to the reasons when writing the persuasive email.

This has had a positive outcome for the company, with sales having tripled during the year.
Draft an email to your direct boss, Sandra Evans, asking her to approve your team getting the bonus you believe they deserve. Use the AIDA strategy. Don’t forget to reduce resistance.

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