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Final  paper  27% PAPER topic rough draft 1 page due 3% **Length: 10 page research paper Given the vast array of topics that we have covered thus far in the semester-please pick one of interest and write a 10 page research paper on the social debate facing our schools. THE MAIN SECTION OF THE PAPER SHOULD OUTLINE A VISION THAT YOU HAVE FOR HOW TO TRANSFORM THIS TOPIC- THIS PAPER IS NOT SIMPLY A LITERATURE REVIEW- IT IS RATHER A PAPER THAT WILL ADDRESS STRATEGIES TO IMPROVE OR EXPAND EXISTING POLICY OR APPROACHES.  1 desegregation      18)bilingual ed TESOL 2 urban plight of schools 3 school funding      20 Literacy 4 teacher tenure      21 technology 5 NCLB       22 homeschooling 6 Race to the TOP     23 head start preschool 7 teacher accountability    24racism in schools 8 Special education and inclusion   25 culture of power and learning 9 Arts and education     26 common core 10 Physical Ed in Education    27 opt out movement 11 Women and gender equity    immigrant learners and many more…… 12 Teaching for social justice 13 Multicultural education 14 Long Island and schooling disparity 15 The value of education in the next century 16 Globally competitive learners

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