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Sample Question

Part A
Select an example of a summative assessment task/activity that is generally used in classrooms within your chosen education context – e.g. a school or an early learning centre. Identify what type of assessment it is and explain its purpose by drawing on the concepts presented in Topic 4 and outlining how it is used in your context. Present a brief literature review by synthesising relevant research evidence relevant to these types and purposes of assessment.
Following this, present your findings from a barrier analysis that you have conducted of the task (see Topic 3) and evaluate the quality and inclusivity of your selected assessment task by drawing on the readings from this course to identify whether it is accessible for every student or whether it has design features which serve as barriers that exclude some learners. Conclude by providing recommendations for the use of this task in including suggestions for how this task might be implemented and/or adapted in order to practice inclusion in your setting that draw on your discussion in the assignment.
This part of the assignment assesses your engagement and participation in the unit. You should contribute a thoughtful response to all of the weekly activities on Moodle for each topic, and you should engage respectfully with each other by responding to at least one of your peers’ contributions for each week. Through these contributions, you will be assessed on your level of participation in the course, your engagement with your peers, and your engagement with the readings and ideas in the course. See the rubric for more detail. You must download your Moodle contributions and submit them with your assessment task as a single file. There is no word limit associated with Part B as it is a demonstration of how active and engaged you are in relation to the course content, the readings, and your peers.BUY A 100% ORIGINAL COLLEGE PAPER

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