You may write on either topic. Remember that this is principally a reading comprehension exercise. State what you think is the teaching found in the text and provide textual support and clear arguments to justify your statements

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A. From the reading excerpt from the “Symposium” please explain:

  • What is love? Remember there may be several explanations within the reading, so present an inclusive account.
  • What is the object of love?
  • What is the activity of love?
  • What is its end or completing work?
  • What are the steps a lover is to take to be an accomplished lover?

B. From the reading excerpt from “The Republic”:

Present what is a “good education” and a “bad education” according to Socrates’ account of the “Cave”. Define what is meant by “good education” and what is meant by “bad education”. Explain why one education is good and the other is bad. Explain what each type of education studies and what it takes as what is, i.e. as what is really real. Explain what truth is for those truly and correctly educated and what truth is for those badly educated.

the readings are attached as files and you may need to look for the book for more details.

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