You must receive an email back from Bill who will confirm the new employees

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a)   You must receive an email back from Bill who will confirm the new employees. Bill may ask questions about each of the new employees to ensure that you have made the right decision but he must approve prior to you sending them any confirmation of their employment. Use the space below to insert the response email from Bill.

Hi Bill
Sequel to the resort new staff assigned me, I have written a proposal on it
I need you to approve the disbursement of the funds needed to carry it out.
new recruitment that I choose are ‘Kenji’ and Marcus ,

Kenji is applying for work with us chef, what I see on his are, he has a good ambition for his work,  previously worked at “famous café”  as a chef for several years, so has enough skill to work with us, and also, I recognize his personality can be a problem solver in the kitchen, that kitchen staff usually has a communication problem.

Marcus  is applying to our resort as a Bartender staff, I recognize his positive personality and communication skills, his character can be a problem solver among our staffs, and I believe his communication skills is really good with our customer to communicate with,

I believe those applicants comes to be great workers with us and can improve our work environment.
I wait for your positive response.

Best regards,



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