You will share your perspective on health and wealth and you will examine 

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You will share your perspective on health and wealth and you will examine. Reflect on the assigned readings for this week and the connection between health and wealth. Then, write 2-3 paragraphs where you:

You will share your perspective on health and wealth and you will examine

In this discussion, you will share your perspective on health and wealth and you will examine the perspectives of your classmates.

Reflect on the assigned readings for this week and the connection between health and wealth. Then, write 2-3 paragraphs where you:

(1) Give your perspective on the relationship between health and wealth

(2) Support your perspective with facts and/or opinions

(3) Explain how your core values affect your perspective on health and wealth

(4) Demonstrate the grammar and writing skills covered in the previous weeks.

Example of perspective on health and wealth:

Having the money to be financially stable is one thing and using money to keep myself physically and mentally healthy is another? Money influences many decisions throughout our lives. In “Financial Health is Public Health,” Jason Q. Purnell mentions that adults with low income who experience high levels of stress relating to their financial troubles will most likely develop unhealthy habits trying to cope with their situations.

Managing money can be really stressful when it is close to not having enough money to be financially stable. At that point I think staying mentally and physically healthy is not really the main focus. I believe it turns into “How am I going to afford this?” when it comes to paying house payments, car insurance, medical bills, utility bills, and groceries. That is when those extra shifts or a second job come in to help keep up with the demands and personal health goes aside trying to stay afloat.

More details;

On the other hand, I believe that wealthier people live an easier life by not having to be stressed about financial problems. They can afford to live a healthy life style with healthy meals, having the time to exercise. Also, time to relax throughout the day. Wealthier people definitely have an advantage to live longer with all the benefits they have. Having money just solves many problems in life, multiple nuclear bombs could drop on earth and the wealthy people will have underground bunkers that can survive the blast waiting for them and their families while the rest of us die. It’s a horrible situation that came to mind (hopefully it never happens) but It’s true.

In my opinion, I think that the connection between health and wealth is complicated when it comes to balancing the two in life. I believe it can be a never-ending cycle trying to achieve both of them for middle or low class citizens. Money can help you enjoy life because it comes with less worries but so does being physically and mentally healthy.
I have previously never regarded health and wealth as correlating subjects.  After reading through the assigned readings I can now see that the two matters do coincide.  I work a full time job with benefits that does, in fact, afford my family the health insurance we need to cover medical necessities.  Fortunately, my employer shares the cost of insurance and therefore my family is able to access a higher level of medical care than others who are less fortunate.

I also work part-time positions to be able to afford other comforts in society.  Quite often when I have had a full week of work, I feel drained, exhausted, and possibly stressed.  These temporary signs of being over worked leave me feeling edgy at times and ultimately jeopardize my long-term health.  If I was to be required to work that same number of hours just to live or obtain the bare necessities. I could understand how that level of stress could cause a demise of others’ health.

In 2006 the American Institute of Stress along with the Stress Pulse Survey found that 46 percent. Of the people surveyed acknowledged their workload to be the main cause of their stress.  Workplace or job stress can lead to early onset diabetes, heart conditions, high blood pressure, as well as psychological disorders.  The demands of wealthy living can most certainly be causing a deterioration of our overall health.

Family ranks high as a core value of mine, and, therefore, I strive to provide the best I can for my family.  Thankfully, my wife acknowledges my hard work and will often encourage me to take a break so to speak.  I find it difficult at times to let go of the gas pedal and rest but have found alternatives to always striving for the next dollar.  I gain paid time off through my full time job and will take what I call mental days off.  These days off typically are not to just sit on the couch. Do nothing all day long, but rather to have a day to myself to do with whatever I choose to do.  I have found that though I may find it difficult to be still, I can also decompress by being busy with a hobby or other non-work related task.

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