Youth and Entrepreneurship

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I want you to write a paper of 20 pages including only 1 to 2 pages of bibliography.

Double-space, 12 font, times new roman.

Paper Topic: Youth and Entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia. The aim of this paper is to provide an analysis of youth and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Saudi Arabia and get understanding of the success and the challenge of Entrepreneurship-based Policy throughout best practices and lessoned learned. Please I want the written paper must answer the following questions:

Research Questions and Outline:

  • Introduction (provide some statistical analysis)
  • Body (Review and Dissection)
    • What is the conceptual or theoretical framework that can explain Culture and entrepreneurship development in Saudi Arabia?
      • How the level of innovation in the country can help in boosting youth Entrepreneurs?
      • How the entrepreneurship-based Policy of Saudi impact youth innovation?
      • What are the latest initiative or policy that focus on youth under the country 2030 vision?
      • How the level of entrepreneurship affects economic growth?
    • How is the focus on youth Entrepreneurs had helped in changing the dynamic of the culture and on the succession of Saudi vision 2030?
    • What are the main challenges that confront youth Entrepreneurs?
      • The relation between unemployment and entrepreneurship, and innovation?
    • What are the approaches and tools that should be taken? (Recommendation)
  • Conclusion

*** I have attached couple of papers that I think will be useful.

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