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Approved Topic : My business idea is based on the beauty industry and its market. The main business will be reselling brand name cosmetics at a cheaper price. This business is intended to be very successful in the market due to the increase in demand for beauty products among residents in the town. More so, most of the residents who live in town are women who work in most of the town’s offices. Furthermore, students who study in colleges and universities within town require cosmetics to maintain their cleanliness in schools. This paper aims at discussing the business idea as a step towards starting a small business that will later grow to a big business in town.

Write a 1–2 page overview of your strategy for obtaining startup funds and working capital that you have identified for your approved topic. Also, address the following:

  • Describe      the startup funds and working capital that your business would require and      explain in general terms how the funds would be allocated.

  • Explain      your strategy for obtaining the necessary funds for your business.

  • Identify      at least two common sources of funding that you rejected and explain why      you decided not to use them as a funding source.​​

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